CrossLead Platform V3 Announced

2016 has been a busy year at CrossLead, Inc. From onboarding new clients to making our cuDaily Activitiesrrent suite of enterprise tools better, there’s been no shortage of work and tasks to complete. However, our most significant piece of work is finally ready to release, the third major module of the CrossLead Platform: Daily Activities!

Daily Activities allow users to track how they are executing their team’s strategy on a daily basis. This operationalizes team Alignment Triangles to make sure the right work is prioritized for completion.  It takes many of the features users are familiar with typical checklist or to-do apps, but connects the tasks users check off during the day to a team’s overarching goals, as well as their calendars. We believe this provides two benefits:

  1. Transparency on a team’s workload is visible to their leaders as well as how teams are allocating their time against established priorities.
  1. Allowing individual contributors to understand how their work connects to the purpose of the organization, which drives collaboration and fosters a common purpose.

Daily Activities will not only help individuals be more productive, but also collaborate better with teammates across their teams. Research has shown that people who write down their daily goals are more likely to achieve them. This habit, performed across teams, allows users to more effectively work on the priorities they have set in the team’s Alignment Triangle.

We’re incredibly excited over the coming weeks and months to roll out this module to all of our clients and users. We believe this will allow all parts of an organization to utilize and derive value out of the CrossLead Platform on a daily basis!

Also included in this release are the following enhancements and additions to the CrossLead Platform:

  • Spreadsheet Importer for Alignment Triangle Metrics
    • Import organizational metrics from CSV files and connect them to a plan’s metric charts.
  • Profile View of Alignment Triangle Plans
    • See every plan you own, across any team, right within your CrossLead Profile. Click on your image in the bottom right of the Navigation Bar and click on the Alignment Triangle tab.
  • Archive Plans
    • Ever wanted to keep around old plans to keep track of your work? Now instead of deleting or just rewriting, archive it and save all the connected status updates and plan dependencies.
  • Improved Image Importer for Presentation Mode
    • We’ve made it easier to add your images to the Presentations, so that they now resize to properly fit to the Presentation section you’ve made – making your Presentations even more spectacular!

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