CrossLead Platform V4 Announced

The holiday spirit has spread to the CrossLead Platform today with the release of our latest gift to our users – Version 4!

While many are taking time off to spend more time with loved ones in the coming days and weeks, you’ll be delighted to use the latest version on your return.

This is our biggest release yet, with many features that deliver more value and enjoyment from using the CrossLead Platform. It positions us for a very exciting 2017 product release cycle, which will see us maintain the same pace as 2016: fortnightly small releases, and large quarterly releases.

This quarter’s highlights include:

  • Brand new Presentation Mode
    • A revamped interface and workflow means teams can now access their presentations directly from the Navigation Bar to support the operating rhythm events in your organization.
  • New Plan Tiles
    • Attach a metric directly to the tile of your team’s plan in both column and single page views to allow teammates to see how you’re measuring success.
  • Enhanced Metrics UI
    • Bigger text and cleaner lines make your charts pop!
  • Newsfeed
    • Stay better informed on the progress across your team and organization in one spot. Add it from your console as a new panel.
  • Daily Activities enhancements
    • Building off our third quarter launch of our newest module, numerous enhancements allow users to more easily prioritize their day.

As the organizations we work with know, creating, sustaining, and scaling a shared consciousness is process that does not happen overnight. Through the use of our platform, we’ve seen leaders change how their teams consume and spread information. With our V4 release, the ways that teams can communicate and maintain a shared consciousness has never been easier. We’re excited to see all the amazing things that you build and accomplish in 2017!

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