CrossLead Platform Version 5 Released

Version 5 of the CrossLead Platform was released and for the first time we used email to notify hundreds of users at once! V5 contains new features that will help you collaborate more with your team to obtain beyond optimum results.

Interacting with your teammates has always been a crucial component of the CrossLead Platform, and we continue to integrate ways that allow you to increase Shared Consciousness.

To make collaboration even easier, teammates can now be tagged in any of your status updates or Newsfeed comments by using @ to pull up a list of their names. Use this to make sure that others see your questions on status updates or kick off a conversation in the Newsfeed.

Crucial to this collaboration is notifying other users when they’re mentioned. Notifications received the biggest update in the history of the CrossLead Platform. Richer notifications, powerful filters, and the ability to receive updates via browser, email, or SMS allows users to always be aware of the latest activity in their team. Check out the Notifications tab in our Navigation Bar and configure your push notifications from the Settings tab.

In Version 5, the Notifications tab incorporates our new Plan tile design. In addition, there’s more context about the notification as well as a way to filter your list.

In the Team Plans feature, we bring the ability to time travel through your previous plans allowing you to conduct After Action Reviews and understand how the strategic plans of your team or company fared in previous months or quarters. Select the clock icon to the top right of your team icon and to view a timeline of your Team.

Finally, Daily Activities continues to receive updates since its V4 release and we now bring a crucial component of agile team stand ups – Roadblocks. Each task comes with an alert triangle that can be toggled to signal an impediment to its completion. Try this out by making a Team Priority Tracker panel in your Console to look at your own team!

The rest:

  • Make an event in Day View (it will not sync back to your Outlook or Google Calendar)
  • Send an update from your one of your Activities to Presentations – use the same icon to flag an update.
  • Better navigation when viewing your Team’s Plan on one page by collapsing dependency trees

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