Our Framework


Our framework is a blend of organizational capabilities and individual skills we believe are fundamental to lead and manage successful organizations in the 21st century.


The CrossLead Framework is centered around four key organizational capabilities. In order to adapt and thrive, an organization must have Trust and Common Purpose. These traits are scaled throughout organizations via Shared Consciousness and Empowered Execution.

Trust 500x500Trust

Trust is characterized by faith in both the intent and competence of one’s colleagues. It creates an environment in which one can focus on getting the job done rather than wasting energy protecting oneself and doubting others.

Common Purpose 500x500Common Purpose

Common Purpose is what differentiates an adaptable team from what would otherwise merely be a tight-knit group. It exists when members of an organization have shared goals and values. Common Purpose aligns and motivates people to understand why they are part of their organization, why their job matters, and what their organization is trying to accomplish as a whole.

Shared Consciousness Option 1 500x500Shared Consciousness

Achieving Shared Consciousness requires the eradication of organizational silos. It drives open communication channels, diverse thought, and cross-functional interaction across an organization.

Empowered Execution 500x500Empowered Execution

Empowered Execution decouples a longstanding management link between the availability of information to leaders and their ability to exercise control. It is the decentralization of decision making to the lowest appropriate level. It enables leaders and organizations of all sizes to move with the agility of an elite small team.


Organizations are comprised of individuals. For organizational processes to be effective and sustainable, they must be underpinned by behavior at the individual level. CrossLead Skills are fundamental to successful leadership in fast-paced and complex environments:

Connecting Icon 500x500Connecting

Ability to inspire, mobilize and relate to others

Constant Learning 500x500Constant Learning

Continuous acquisition, synthesis, and application of new information

Decision Making 500x500Decision Making

Capability to take timely action based on contextual understanding gained through process and analysis

Discipline Icon 500x500Discipline

Regulation of one’s own actions and emotions

Effective Communication 500x500Effective Communication

Ability to conceive, form, convey, and listen to messages

Self Awareness 500x500Self Awareness

Knowledge of one’s actions and impact on others

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