CrossLead 360 Reviews

Holistic data for development and decision making

CrossLead 360 Reviews are a professional feedback tool to provide a holistic perspective of employee performance by incorporating feedback from managers, peers and direct reports, as well as a self-report. CrossLead 360 Reviews are designed to encourage the specific behaviors and achievements required for success in your organization.

Who are CrossLead 360 Reviews designed for?

CrossLead 360 Reviews are designed for organizations of all sizes and structures. CrossLead 360 Reviews are best-suited for roles that require collaboration and cooperation with other employees.

How does the process work?

CrossLead 360 Reviews are conducted through a simple, easy-to-use online tool within our cloud-based CrossLead Platform. This is a five-step process:

  1. 1. Employees are selected to participate in CrossLead 360 Reviews
  2. 2. Review process begins. Participants select their reviewers, subject to the approval of their managers
  3. 3. Once the reviewers have been selected and approved, the participant completes a self-assessment
  4. 4. Colleagues submit reviews for participants
  5. 5. After the review period is closed, all data is aggregated in a company report and participants receive their individual reports via the CrossLead Platform

What is the result? We provide the following:

  • Company 360 Review Report: A report aggregating quantitative data about all individuals in the organization who participated in a 360 Review.

    The Company 360 Review Report is a valuable tool for comparing employees within and across business units. It provides a holistic view of how the individual affects others in the workplace.

  • Individual 360 Report: Each participant receives an individualized report that includes both qualitative feedback and quantitative scoring.

    The Individual 360 Report provides valuable feedback on specific behaviors identified as positive and appreciated in the workplace, and the behaviors that might be in need of improvement.

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