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Time is your most valuable currency, spend it wisely

Written by Jess Reif

“How can I make the most of my time?”

This question has kept leaders up at night for centuries.  In 1918, Charles M. Schwab was the President of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation.  Schwab knew a thing or two about getting things done.  Under his leadership, the Bethlehem Steel grew to be the largest shipbuilder and second largest steel producer in the United States. He was widely renowned as a leader and manager and had accumulated a substantial fortune. Still, Schwab strived for constant improvement and believed there was an opportunity to improve his own productivity and the effectiveness of his team.  To help him on this quest, he brought in seasoned management consultant Ivy Ledbetter Lee.  Schwab instructed, “Show me a way to get more things done.”[1]   Continue reading Time is your most valuable currency, spend it wisely

How CrossLead Helps Teams Avoid Sleeping in Terminals

Written by Alex Laverty and Chris Wysocki

“You ever feel like you’re living in an airport?”

The rite of passage of spending the night in terminal a la Tom Hanks style is a common but unenjoyable cost of doing consulting business. In 2014, one of us had the pleasure of making their overnight stay in Chicago’s O’Hare airport. Fortunately,  500,000 miles have since passed without suffering a second night using a suitcase as a pillow.

This has been part luck, part proficiency in the art of travel hacking: finding the best routes with the best equipment at the lowest cost to the client. In the days before Google Flights revolutionized trip planning, this process was time-intensive and spread across multiple websites. Regardless of method, time was always considered the most important variable. If the flight arrived in the destination city with enough time for a full night’s sleep or with enough time to make client meetings, that would qualify as a success.

Continue reading How CrossLead Helps Teams Avoid Sleeping in Terminals

Align with Growth in Mind

 Written by Jess Reif

“Nothing is new except what has been forgotten.” – Marie Antoinette

Though all companies grow differently, most have a common goal: to maintain the focus and level of energy they had when they were just a small team. This becomes very challenging as an enterprise takes on more employees, business lines, and customers. Though many of today’s stories of high growth take place in fast-paced technology companies, a look at the history of Arlington, Virginia can prepare us for one of the biggest obstacles companies with a “hockey stick” trajectory face: a lack of internal alignment. Continue reading Align with Growth in Mind

Too Many Meetings? 4 Ways to Reduce Time Spent in Meetings

Written by Matt Sitter

“How did it get so late so soon?” – Dr. Seuss

In the midst of a hectic day, we’ve all looked up in the afternoon and had the realization that our most precious resource (time) has been unceremoniously taken from us. According to Atlassian, the average employee attends 62 meetings per month and believes about half of that time is wasted. Managers and executives attend even more meetings!

Here are four ways you can cut meetings and get your team’s time back. Continue reading Too Many Meetings? 4 Ways to Reduce Time Spent in Meetings

Predict the Future or Prepare for It?

Written by John Sipher   |  LinkedIn  |   Medium

At the end of the year it is customary for various publications to reflect on the past year and make predictions for the coming one. In the 2016 year-end edition of “The Economist”, Tor Garnett of the London Metropolitan Police outlined her view of the future in a series of articles highlighting “young prophets.”

According to Garnett, “Our command-and-control leadership style might be crucial during a crisis but it is failing to deliver both the radical innovation and continuous improvement that are needed to manage increasingly complex security risks and criminal threats. Moving away from the ‘leader as hero’ style to a ‘team of teams’ approach, as many lean manufacturing businesses have done, will be difficult but vital to our success.” 

Continue reading Predict the Future or Prepare for It?

The 15 Minute Meeting That Will Change the Way Your Team Collaborates

Written by Jess Reif

On the morning of August 14, 1914, the French military governor of Paris and commander of the Armies of Paris General Joseph-Simon Gallieni, called a meeting of his cabinet.  This gathering was not an ordinary meeting. It was less than four weeks after the beginning of World War I, and German troops were already advancing on Paris. The General requested that his cabinet stand, rather than sit, and asked that they refrain from wasting time discussing issues related to whether or not to defend Paris.  Instead, he asked the group to certify its existing plans to defend the city, and review specific tactical orders in order to speed up the process. The meeting lasted just fifteen minutes.[1] Continue reading The 15 Minute Meeting That Will Change the Way Your Team Collaborates

4 Things Chief Strategy Officers are Talking About

Written by Matt Sitter   |   LinkedIn

On December 5th and 6th, I had the pleasure of attending the Chief Strategy Officer Summit put on by Innovation Enterprise in New York. This group of professionals had a distinct energy – there’s a lot of uncertainty in the world and their organizations have charged them with determining not only a viable path, but one that will bring them great success. This is no small task!

Continue reading 4 Things Chief Strategy Officers are Talking About

Why You Should Focus on Improving Shared Consciousness. It Isn’t What You Think.

Written by Steven Scagnelli

When considering the four principles of CrossLead: Trust, Empowered Execution, Common Purpose, and Shared Consciousness, it is Shared Consciousness that is often seen as the most abstract.

It is straightforward to look back at events and see when you trusted someone, when you were empowered to accomplish a task, or when you were with a group that all shared a common purpose. If someone were to ask you the last time you shared consciousness with someone, you might ask them how long it has been since they left the commune.

Continue reading Why You Should Focus on Improving Shared Consciousness. It Isn’t What You Think.

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