CrossLead Leadership Offsites

Empowering success in complex environments

Our intent is singularly focused: to deliver tangible leadership and organizational lessons to your team that are quickly digestible and applicable to daily work. The event will be designed to educate your team on the core tenets of CrossLead, and to connect these ideas directly to issues your organization is facing. Leading up to the Offsite, we will work with you to customize the agenda and length to ensure that it is appropriately focused on your core priorities.


  • Educational, cultural, and team-building components, focused on leadership in order to increase the operating effectiveness and adaptability of your organization
  • An understanding of select CrossLead core capabilities to unlock the power of small teams at the enterprise level
  • Team-wide discussion to drive awareness of leadership behaviors and increase communication


Our customized 1-, 1.5-, or 2-day sessions include:

  • Origin of CrossLead and framework overview
  • Creating an Adaptable Team
    • CrossLead Capabilities – A selection of one of the following:
      • Trust
      • Common Purpose
      • Shared Consciousness
      • Empowered Execution
    • CrossLead Skills – A selection of up to two of the following:
      • Connecting
      • Constant Learning
      • Decision Making
      • Discipline
      • Effective Communication
      • Self Awareness

Q&A on Capability and Skill Topics

  • Experiential-Learning Activities – “Learn by doing”
    • CrossLead Offsite sessions are centered around “learning by doing.” Activities range from short practicums to in-depth simulations centered around intense experiences. The common denominator across participants is to create a shift in perspective; by breaking routine, participants become open to new ideas.


Breakout Sessions

During breakout sessions, participants interact with the material on a personal level. A CrossLead team member facilitates groups of 7 – 15 people. During these sessions, participants discuss the application of the CrossLead Skills to their company, function, team, and role.

CrossLead Simulation

Participants in the CrossLead Simulation gain an understanding of the necessity of information sharing, negotiation, and compromise for overall team success.

CrossLead Ignitions

CrossLead Ignitions are short experiential activities interspersed with the curriculum throughout the day, designed to reinforce concepts discussed in lectures or facilitate a shift in perspective.

Physical Training Team-Building: Available for 1.5- and 2-day sessions

Day 2 kicks off with a physical group activity to promote bonding as a team. These physical training activities involve a component of intellectual learning, leadership training, and team building. For example, during Offsites in Washington, D.C., participants will take a jog or walk on the National Mall and listen to historical vignettes on leadership. These activities create a shared experience, put the participants in a mindset to learn new things, and unify them as a stronger team.

CrossLead Ignitions

  • Participants will have increased awareness of leadership behaviors they can exhibit collectively and individually.
  • Participants will have a better understanding of the leadership behaviors that impact their broader team.
  • Participants will possess tools to manage leadership behaviors that they can take back to their teams.
  • Participants will develop concrete steps for effective team leadership.


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