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Whether you're a team of 10 or 10,000, our people analytics maps and measures how your organization operates and communicates. The CrossLead Organizational Diagnostic uncovers your organization's strengths and challenges.
Visualize which teammembers are making the biggest impact in company decisions and why. Understand who is influencing the culture of your organization.

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What We Identify

  • Who are the best sources of information in your organization
  • Where the chokepoints and bottlenecks are
  • How your teams interact with each other
  • Which individuals bring teams together

What We Measure

Empowered Execution puts the decision making into the hands of the lowest appropriate level.

Trust is faith in the competence and intent of the organization and those within it.

Shared Consciousness drives open communication, unique thought, and a cross functional network to speed up the decision making process.

Common Purpose exists when teammates have shared goals and values that are used to motivate individuals to understand their role in the larger organization.

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