CrossLead Platform

Our Platform is where your strategies, plans, people, and data come together.
A suite of easy-to-use modules, our Platform provides data-driven context for strategic decision-making.

Console and Admin

The customizable dashboard connects and contextualizes all of our Platform's modules with your organization's data sources. Here you can track real-time insights about the health of your company to drive action.

CrossLead Platform

Network Map

2D and 3D navigation displays how your organization operates across teams, individuals, and plans. Visualize key influencers and communicators, and highlight strategic interdependencies that exist across the organization.

CrossLead Platform

Alignment Triangle

Define and align organizational, team, and individual priorites top-down and bottom-up. Monitor progress and evaluate risk and opportunities with customizable metrics. Link strategies across teams and individuals to boost employee understanding of how their role plays into the big picture.

CrossLead Platform

Diagnostic Tool

Gather, analyze, and generate survey results for the Organizational Diagnostic. The Diagnostic Tool provides on-demand use for pulse feedback and surveys.

CrossLead Platform

Data Adapter Integrations

We offer a wide array of data integrations to gather information from the software applications you already use. By contextualizing the information in a single Platform, you can see how your organization is actually performing against key priorities to make data-driven decisions.

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