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The CLI measures six individual skills that we know are fundamental to successful leadership in fast-paced and complex environments:

Connecting Icon 500x500Connecting

Ability to inspire, mobilize and relate to others

Constant Learning 500x500Constant Learning

Continuous acquisition, synthesis, and application of new information

Decision Making 500x500Decision Making

Capability to take timely action based on contextual understanding gained through process and analysis

Discipline Icon 500x500Discipline

Regulation of one’s own actions and emotions

Effective Communication 500x500Effective Communication

Ability to conceive, form, convey, and listen to messages

Self Awareness 500x500Self Awareness

Knowledge of one’s actions and impact on others

The Self-Awareness report generated by the CLI highlights the differences between how individuals see themselves and how others perceive them.

CrossLead 360 Reviews

Holistic data for development and decision making

CrossLead 360 Reviews are a professional feedback tool to provide a holistic perspective of employee performance by incorporating feedback from managers, peers and direct reports, as well as a self-report.

Our reviews are designed to encourage the specific behaviors and achievements required for success in your organization.


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