Data Adapter Integration Services

Visualize your network, information & processes in real-time

With internal and external data adapter integrations

The CrossLead Platform offers a wide array of data integrations to centralize key organizational data by directly pulling it from other software services in real-time. By combining this data with an organization’s core strategic objectives, CrossLead Platform enables leaders to have a comprehensive understanding of how their organization is actually performing against key priorities. Our data integrations empower organizations to minimize uncertainty by accelerating the speed at which they can identify risks and opportunities.

Configuration, Integration, and Deployment

We strive to provide our clients with reliable, cutting-edge applications that are secure, flexible, and configurable to our client’s specific needs. Our elegant, cloud-based CrossLead Platform has been architected with exceptional integration and configuration in mind. As part of our services, we offer internal and/or external adapter integration on a field-by-field basis to visualize communication, time-spent, and organizational key performance indicators over time. This may include:

  • Calendar
  • Chat
  • Email
  • Enterprise resource planning software
  • Financial services data
  • Project management applications
  • Additional configuration is available upon request

Advanced Technical Seminars are available to teach managers, administrators, and software developers how to configure CrossLead Modules and perform integrations.

Spotlight: Communication Integration

1601 NM in IpadWe have built custom integrations for a variety of popular email and chat services to visualize communication and information flow across your organization. Using our proprietary algorithm, CrossLead Platform can take communication data and identify key individuals, hidden clusters within the organization, and understand each employee’s centrality to the network. This information may be used to:

  • Depict organizational communication flows using chat or email frequency
  • Identify hidden communities via cluster analysis of chat or email communications
  • Pinpoint key influencers in your organization, over time
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Spotlight: Calendar Integration

Individual Influencer-2 iPad v1We have built custom integrations with major calendar providers to understand how employees and teams collaborate. Our proprietary algorithm takes calendar data and identifies key employees within the network that have significant influence. In addition, our customers use calendar integration to understand how their employees spend time to find redundancy and increase efficiency. This information may be used to:

  • Depict organizational meeting cadence using calendar meeting frequency
  • Identify wasted time on an individual and team basis
  • Discover key influencers in your employee network
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Spotlight: Enterprise Resource Planning Integration

1601 AT in Ipad flatWe offer integrations with well known Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to pull key performance metrics such as revenue and margin into CrossLead Platform. We move beyond just dashboards displaying this information. CrossLead Platform is able to take key metrics and directly tie them to our clients’ key strategic objectives. This additional context allows clients to align their strategy and execution in a way that was previously unavailable. This information may be used to:

  • Impartially measure execution of key strategic objectives using data metrics
  • Tie specific organizational targets to specific key objectives and team strategies
  • Receive real-time notifications of significant changes to metrics to take appropriate action

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