Our Mission

Our mission is to help companies achieve optimal performance in today’s dynamic environment. CrossLead increases adaptability and resiliency in organizations by strengthening four capabilities:


Faith in the intent and competence of one’s colleagues to increase transparent collaboration

Common Purpose

Cohesive alignment on shared values, vision,
and goals to maximize business value delivered

Shared Consciousness

A holistic understanding created by a high level of
cross-functional interactions to drive contextual
awareness of how actions are interdependent

Empowered Execution

Decision-making authority is distributed to the
lowest appropriate level to enable faster execution

“CrossLead has been instrumental in changing the culture of our nearly 10,000 – strong company, enabling stronger cross-functional cooperation and a far more frequent and candid exchange of management views.”

Linden Blue, Chief Executive Officer

“The business world is a siloed place much of the time.  For CrossLead to have a solution that turns that on its head and energizes people to adopt teamwork is remarkable.”

Charlie Herrin, Chief Customer Experience Officer