Our story is rooted in service. Throughout history, young men and women have answered the call of service during times of need. The turn of the 21st century was one of those moments.

In 2001, The United States Special Operations forces were a relatively young organization. Highly trained and equipped, the way it organized, lead and managed was consistent with industrial-age best practices. With the advent of the internet in the mid-90s, new possibilities for communication and decision making began to emerge. Individuals and organizations could distribute ideas, learnings, and decisions with blinding speed. Our enemies quickly adapted their operating practices to leverage these new capabilities which allowed them to learn and adapt at a previously unimaginable pace.

Leveraging best practices from the last century, Special Operations forces deployed throughout the world to face the emerging threat of terrorism and despite superior resources, training, talent and tactical success, it found itself losing strategically. In almost every region, the radical ideas the fueled terrorism spread faster than they could be contained through operations.

Driven by an almost fanatical hatred of failure, Special Operations began to change how it operated. By reinventing its operating practices, they centralized communication channels to enable shared consciousness and decentralized decision-making to empower those on the ground to rapidly learn and adapt to meet the needs of the changing environment.


In 2010, former Navy SEAL David Silverman and a group of colleagues got together to try and capture their experiences from combat. Realizing that they had been a part of a massive culture change, their goal was to translate the collective lessons from their experiences into an operating framework for leaders and teams dealing with similar challenges of leading teams in the digital age. In 2011 CrossLead was created and in 2015, David co-authored Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World, which chronicled these experiences.

The challenges that we faced in wartime were not dissimilar from those facing businesses today: the speed of change is faster than ever, operations are complex and interdependent, and the risk of disruption is high. The CrossLead leadership and management framework – honed on the battlefield – allows businesses to adapt and thrive in today’s unpredictable world.


CrossLead is a leading framework for scaling agile practices across the enterprise. Implemented in several Global 2000 organizations – CrossLead drives faster time-to-market, dramatic increases in productivity, improvement in employee engagement, and more predictable business results.

CrossLead’s values and practices promote alignment, collaboration, and continuous improvement across teams by creating an ecosystem where information flows freely and teams are empowered to adapt as they learn.

CrossLead combines ideas from multiple management disciplines, including systems thinking, agile, and lean product development. CrossLead is validated by the leading edge of social science research and builds on the foundation of best-in-class agile management practices.

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