CrossLead V10 Release Notes

Release Date: September 25, 2018


We are excited to announce the 10th major release of the CrossLead Platform. We are proud to release more features and enhancements that make it easier for users to create plans, share information with teammates, and accomplish goals faster.


Key updates in V10 of CrossLead include new email communication methods, enhanced single page view for your plans, and a consolidated view for all of your projects.


As a key channel for communication in many organizations, email represents the primary way that senior leaders communicate with their teams and receive updates. With CrossLead, email notifications enable our users to stay up-to-date with instant or weekly changes to Plans and Projects. Now, users can also send updates to Projects directly from their email.


To better align with how many of our users and teams think of and design their plans, CrossLead is changing the naming of Teams to Plans. All the content will remain the same as before but look for us to continue innovating in this section of the CrossLead Platform in the future. As organizations are creating their plans less around discrete business units and more about cross-functional work, our software will support the creation of emergent plans to address opportunities in your business. This change will allow for more people to feel connected and networked within the organization rather than separated by each department’s own plan.


To help with plan creation, check out the new Plan Overview. From here, you can easily review all the projects in your plan by clicking on them to get a preview of a project’s information, edit the Project Details, as well as make edits to the status of each Project directly from Plan Overview. This will make it much easier for teams to quickly review, edit, and update their plan as changes occur.


Finally, Projects has a new consolidated look. A new tab Insights is replacing Updates & Info allowing users to see all of their qualitative and quantitative activity from one project on a single page. Make sure to fill out the information tab to give your teammates a holistic understanding of the project. We’ve also enhanced status updates with a new UI that can be customized for your organization to make sure participants are conveying structured updates that are easier to digest. Project Owners can also request information from their teammates when a leader needs updated information.


Our latest updates come directly from customer feedback. We value and appreciate all the feedback our customers continue to share. We’re excited about the future as we continue to make it easier for users to create plans, share and collaborate with teammates, and accomplish your objectives.

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