How to Assemble an Allstar Team: The Process May Surprise You

allstar work team coming together with computers to finish a project, crosslead, washington dc

Attracting and retaining top talent consistently ranks among the top concerns for global CEOs.[1] To succeed in this increasingly competitive arena, organizations spend an incredible amount of time and energy ensuring they get the right people in the door. They attend particular networking events, post jobs in strategic places, and may source hundreds of resumes … Read more

People Communicate Poorly: Here’s a framework that will save your company time and money

email with bad communication, crosslead, washington dc

Let’s face it, most people don’t communicate effectively. They end up burying important information under a mountain of details. Whether it’s in an email, a presentation, or during a meeting, presenters rarely frame the information in a productive way. As a leader, it’s your responsibility to coach your team on how to communicate effectively. Use … Read more

Sorry, can you say that again? You might not be communicating as well as you think

man speaking into metal can phone line, communication, public speaking, crosslead, washington dc

“ ‘Scuse me while I kiss this guy” — Not Jimi Hendrix The quote above is from an entertaining book by Gavin Edwards about how musical lyrics have been misinterpreted. Some might say that Jimi Hendrix’s actual lyrics from “Purple Haze”, “Excuse me while I kiss the sky,” might be about reaching for your own dreams (or maybe just about a … Read more

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