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OKR or Objective Key Results acronym text on chalkboard with many glowing light bulbs, washington dc, crosslead

Leaders across the globe are pivoting from traditional business reviews to a new way of thinking about managing enterprise performance – Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are taking the world by storm. Originally introduced by Andy Grove at Intel in the 1970s and popularized by their success at Google, OKRs provide a way to continuously measure … Read more

How Gossip Prevents Promotions: Even the CIA is Guilty

chain link, crosslead, feedback, washington dc

At the CIA, we utilized the full range of performance management tools. We had regular performance reviews, promotion panels, management training and a full spectrum of HR guidance. However, one of the most powerful influences on one’s career was the least transparent – what we called the “hall file”. Eligibility for critical positions and eventual … Read more

People Communicate Poorly: Here’s a framework that will save your company time and money

email with bad communication, crosslead, washington dc

Let’s face it, most people don’t communicate effectively. They end up burying important information under a mountain of details. Whether it’s in an email, a presentation, or during a meeting, presenters rarely frame the information in a productive way. As a leader, it’s your responsibility to coach your team on how to communicate effectively. Use … Read more

Every Company Desperately Needs a Chief Collaboration Officer

Collaboration | CrossLead | Washington, D.C.

“Too many meetings and too many emails” are the cries of today’s knowledge workers, and both are artifacts of well-intended collaboration spun out of control. Your most precious company resource – your employees’ time – is too often squandered in unnecessary or unproductive collaborative pursuits. Is any of this ringing a bell? • Meetings with … Read more

A Festivus for the Rest of Us: Seinfeld and Annual Performance Reviews

festivus seinfeld, crosslead, washington dc

We’re getting to that time of year where it is apparent that Frank Costanza’s dream of a new and widely-celebrated holiday, Festivus, has been realized. Little did we know that Festivus has insidiously crept into our ritual of the Annual Performance Review. For the uninitiated, Festivus was popularized in 1997 through the show Seinfeld. A quick and entertaining … Read more

4 Ways to Make Your Company’s Meetings More Effective

No job description reads: “35%+ of your time will be spent in meetings, most of which will start late, run long, and fail to accomplish their objectives. 25%+ of time will be spent preparing for those meetings.” But too often, that is our fate. Employees across industries increasingly spend more and more of their time … Read more

2 Issues with Accountability You Didn’t Know Your Company Was Facing

team meeting over a project with computer and paper, crosslead, washington dc

We expect leaders and employees to be accountable. But in today’s complex environment, companies face two challenges when establishing a culture of accountability. First, employees are held accountable for executing on plans that are no longer relevant. Second, in more complex organizational structures, employees don’t understand how their work connects to company objectives and who … Read more

Rules to Live By — 3 Requirements to Optimize Your Meetings

woman taking notes in a corporate meeting, crosslead, washington dc

“There’s no good way to waste your time. Wasting time is just wasting time.” — Helen Mirren Wasted time in a meeting feels painful. I often hear, “Meetings take me away from my real job.” We are compelled to multi-task during a meeting to at least claw back precious time (and maybe combat a little boredom). To … Read more

Myth-Busting: 3 Common Myths about Alignment and What Your Organization Really Needs to be Aligned

strategic planning, crosslead, washington, d.c.

Most leaders will tell you that they believe alignment is important for their organizations, however there are a few common misconceptions about how to achieve it in today’s dynamic environment. In our experience helping executive teams build and maintain alignment, here are the most common myths we’ve observed: Myth #1: If the executives are aligned, … Read more

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