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OKR or Objective Key Results acronym text on chalkboard with many glowing light bulbs, washington dc, crosslead

Leaders across the globe are pivoting from traditional business reviews to a new way of thinking about managing enterprise performance – Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are taking the world by storm. Originally introduced by Andy Grove at Intel in the 1970s and popularized by their success at Google, OKRs provide a way to continuously measure … Read more

Why is Your Company’s Plan Sitting in a Powerpoint?

File folders, standing on shelves in the background, crosslead, company plan, strategic plan, washington dc

Strategic planning exists in the hands of the executive leadership team and CEO. The process of designing an organization’s strategy takes painstaking months and is seemingly the cornerstone and guiding light to all an organization should do. It is the dream of young MBAs to be a part of (or own) strategic planning, and Strategy … Read more

How to Assemble an Allstar Team: The Process May Surprise You

allstar work team coming together with computers to finish a project, crosslead, washington dc

Attracting and retaining top talent consistently ranks among the top concerns for global CEOs.[1] To succeed in this increasingly competitive arena, organizations spend an incredible amount of time and energy ensuring they get the right people in the door. They attend particular networking events, post jobs in strategic places, and may source hundreds of resumes … Read more

Sorry, can you say that again? You might not be communicating as well as you think

man speaking into metal can phone line, communication, public speaking, crosslead, washington dc

“ ‘Scuse me while I kiss this guy” — Not Jimi Hendrix The quote above is from an entertaining book by Gavin Edwards about how musical lyrics have been misinterpreted. Some might say that Jimi Hendrix’s actual lyrics from “Purple Haze”, “Excuse me while I kiss the sky,” might be about reaching for your own dreams (or maybe just about a … Read more

Why You Need to Write Down Your To-Do List

employee writing down a to-do list in a notebook, crosslead, washington dc

There are a thousand and one articles reminding us that productivity improves when we write down our tasks. Somehow, writing them and seeing them is a spur to action. Likewise, there are also innumerable business maxims that suggest the key to success is measuring inputs and outputs. Indeed, some business guru penned the adage, “what … Read more

CrossLead: Major Doug Zembiec’s Contribution

major doug zembiec, crosslead, washington dc

CrossLead has grown and evolved over the years and there are probably a few people that have never heard the story about the genesis of CrossLead and its connection to Major Douglas Zembiec (USMC). Doug was a friend and someone that many of us looked to as The Standard of Excellence. The attached article summarizes a fraction of … Read more

The New Workplace is Agile and Nonstop. Here’s how you can keep up.

coworkers planning ahead on projects, crosslead, washington dc

This post is in response to The New Workplace is Agile, and Nonstop. Can you keep up? Published by Quentin Hardy in the November 25, 2016 issue of the New York Times. It is no secret that the world and its workplaces have changed in the past two decades; technological innovation has unleashed a previously unimaginable world. … Read more

What Good is Your Strategy if You Can’t Find It?

strategic planning, crosslead, washington, d.c.

In the 1960s, academics like Michael Porter at Harvard Business School and Bill Bain at BCG (and later Bain) helped to define the idea of corporate strategy. From that humble beginning, a robust global consulting industry was born. Today, almost all companies engage in an annual planning and strategy process. While the process to develop … Read more

Managing Knowledge Work (and Knowledge Workers)

notebook and pen with a to-do list written down, crosslead, washington dc

What’s the first thing that you do when you start work each morning? Do you open your email and scan through the newest deposits into your queue? Or hop onto Slack to check out the latest and greatest from your colleagues? Perhaps you read the newspaper and scan your physical mail from the day prior. … Read more

An Enterprise Perspective on the Productivity Challenge

If you aren’t a macro-economist, you could be forgiven for missing a recent trend in the U.S. economy: declining growth in productivity. That’s right: you as an American employee are producing barely a tiny bit more per unit of your input (i.e., an hour of your labor) than you did a decade ago — at least according … Read more

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