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OKR or Objective Key Results acronym text on chalkboard with many glowing light bulbs, washington dc, crosslead

Leaders across the globe are pivoting from traditional business reviews to a new way of thinking about managing enterprise performance – Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are taking the world by storm. Originally introduced by Andy Grove at Intel in the 1970s and popularized by their success at Google, OKRs provide a way to continuously measure … Read more

Why is Your Company’s Plan Sitting in a Powerpoint?

File folders, standing on shelves in the background, crosslead, company plan, strategic plan, washington dc

Strategic planning exists in the hands of the executive leadership team and CEO. The process of designing an organization’s strategy takes painstaking months and is seemingly the cornerstone and guiding light to all an organization should do. It is the dream of young MBAs to be a part of (or own) strategic planning, and Strategy … Read more

What Good is Your Strategy if You Can’t Find It?

strategic planning, crosslead, washington, d.c.

In the 1960s, academics like Michael Porter at Harvard Business School and Bill Bain at BCG (and later Bain) helped to define the idea of corporate strategy. From that humble beginning, a robust global consulting industry was born. Today, almost all companies engage in an annual planning and strategy process. While the process to develop … Read more

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